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 Module : Anglais Technique

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Ville : Fes
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MessageSujet: Module : Anglais Technique   3/12/2012, 15:11

Module : Anglais Technique

Secteur :Teriaire
Niveau : Technicien & Technicien spécialisé
Module : Anglais Technique

This unit aims primarily the trainees in the tertiary dies, it’s an entirely new work as it intends to support the technical learning by providing to trainees the necessary background in English communication .

The unit is presented in the following way, initially it contains a complete and condensed review of skills in English grammar to help trainees remaining and improving what they’ve learned in high school .

To keep the unit within the context of tertiary learning, the second part of this module treats the essential functions of the English communication within the company, like telephoning and reporting information ( especially for secretaries), describing and analysing companies trends, writing business letters in English, …for TSGE, TSC and TCE…etc and many other functions useful for the trainees of “tertiaire”.

A list of irregular verbs and a business glossary have been listed at the end of the unit to help trainees working as they can use the English/French glossary or the French/English one.

It is recommended to reach the real aim of this unit, to let trainees communicate in English so that at every step of the unit incite them to speak, to discuss and to express their point of view.

We invite all the interested readers to give us their feedback concerning any side of the unit ( the presentation, the structure, the contents…..)

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Module : Anglais Technique
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